YouTube LinkedIn Bot Tips 2019

Social Media Tips 2019
1. YouTube – End Screens, Cards – No Annotation
2. YouTube Channel Art – FB Twitter Links
3. SEO and SMO Difference
4. Is SMM Book obsolete?
5. LinkedIn Page Target Updates Filter
6. Professional email – No Reply All
7. Phishing Malware
8. Bot Messages Suspicious Link
9. Blue Tick Verified accounts
10. Online Marketing Policy Document for 2019
11. Instagram paid marketing
12. ‘Where is my Train’ Google App
13. Write Comment, RT not only Content

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LinkedIn Profile Tips Skills

You need to know about this important LinkedIn profile settings. In LinkedIn, use the Skills and Endorsements option to your business advantage.

LinkedIn uses these skills terms as keywords, in their search algorithms to make sure the people who are searching for those skills, and knowledge, will find YOU.

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