Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle ANSWER

Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

Crossword Puzzle focusing on Social Media Marketing.

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Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle


Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

  • Across

2. Leading Social media agency (5,6) (Tip Jyoti Social)
5. What not to do frequently on Social Media? (4,7)
6. Distribute brochures electronically (10)
8. The number one digital platform (8)
10. Digital marketing where money is (9) (Tip Mobile)
11. Sr Social Media Consultant and Trainer (9,6) (Tip Jyotindra Zaveri)
12. Digital platform offered by Google to make a Blog (7)
  • Down

1. Word of mouth marketing on internet (6,5,9)
3. Short messages (7)
4. Interesting Pictures (9)
7. Working professional networking (8)
9. Keyword for social media (7)
Note: Figure in bracket indicates number of characters. (6,5,9) Means Three words with one space in-between. Total 22 Characters including three spaces.
Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer
Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle

Jyoti Social Team is in position to create such crossword puzzle for any industry or any profession! Let us know if you need any help +91 9552946949

Digital Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

This post is created by Jyotindra Zaveri, Social Media Marketing Consultant, and Trainer.

Important links for you to learn more about various digital platforms

  • Online training webinars videos of Wednesday LIVE program - Every week find something new
  • Every day find what is new in the digital marketing space - Read and subscribe DAILY Newspaper

Digital platforms Social Media Marketing sites list

Proof of concept
  1. Blog Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook Page Become Marketing Partner
  3. Facebook Page Social Media
  4. Flickr
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri, Consultant & Trainer
  7. LinkedIn Page
  8. Newspaper Online ERP eCommerce and IoT
  9. Newspaper Online Social Media Marketing
  10. Pinterest Social Media, ERP, and ECommerce Pins
  11. SlideShare Jyotindra Zaveri Presentations /Case studies
  12. Sound Cloud - Audio Library Radio Jingle Social Media
  13. Twitter Social Media Marketing
  14. Website Social Media Online Training Wednesday 8 pm.
  15. YouTube

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