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“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward”

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Dual specialization Social Media Marketing and Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP - Implementer 

Half-baked experts believe flashing the latest gadgets indicates expertise in the business of Information Technology. Wherever you go, Half-baked experts will not be far away.  Putting in a façade of knowing it all.  Worse still, misleading clients with the little that he or she knows.  But enough.  Social Media Optimization or SMO is important for your social media marketing.

ERP consultant trainer implementer

  • Jyotindra Zaveri - Jyoti - is the master of thirty ERP Modules.   

ERP consultant trainer implementer
ERP consultant trainer implementer
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ERP consultant trainer implementer

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1. ERP introduction of 32 Modules on Slideshare

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2. ERP Book Excerpts by Prof Jyotindra Zaveri (Second Edition) on Slideshare
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ERP consultant trainer implementer

15+ Years experience in implementing ERP, any ERP....large ERP or small ERP....I know how to 'Go Live'!

Call Jyotindra Zaveri, ERP Consultant and Trainer: +91 9552946949.

If you are an IT Company and you also want to do branding on social media...I know both.....I can understand your IT related products or services and very well promote the same on various social media platforms.

ERP consultant trainer implementer

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