Instagram Marketing Ideas

Instagram Marketing Ideas

Instagram nice Nine ways to take pictures in real-time for Branding and Marketing

In addition to Facebook, etc it is necessary to include Instagram in your social media strategy.

There are nice NINE ways you can take pictures using Instagram in real-time!

Instagram Marketing Ideas
Instagram Marketing Ideas!

1. Boomerang – Tiny  videos that loops and try selfie, move your head or close your One eye and take a selfie

2. Focus – Use focus option to focus on background

3. Hands-Free : It is misleading term.  It only means standard start / stop

4. Live – Real-time broadcasting - You may save the video in Story

5. Normal –Standard picture

Instagram Marketing Ideas

JyotiTip: You may take video using Dubsmash App and Post on Instagram

Embed Instagram post in your website or Blog for example study

 6. Rewind – special effect - video play backwards
7. Stop-Motion – Series of pictures stitched together

8. Superzoom - allows you to automatically zoom in your screen with dramatic music

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9. Type - Type mode in Stories, allow you to share Story posts containing text on colorful backgrounds

Instagram Marketing Ideas
  • Try above nice nine ways to use Instagram on mobile. Marketers!

  • Do not feel shy to share your Instagram site/ posts here in comments.

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Instagram is the top mobile photo-sharing digital platform that has reached one billion monthly active users!

IGTV:  Great way to publish ten minutes of video on Instagram. You can create your own television network easily.  It is necessary to create vertical videos, portrait mode.

Click here to see an example

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