Instagram Marketing
Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is a great digital platform for picture based marketing. Download Instagram App on your phone.

When you are posting on Instagram, you have OPTIONS to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr also. So you may download these three Apps as well.

What we will do for you

On your behalf, we will be happy to manage Instagram for a nominal monthly charges.

We will do the posting on your behalf with necessary hashtags.

You can also embed your Instagram posts in your website or blog!

Here is an illustrative example of Jyoti Socail Instagram feed


If you are lost at any point, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp +91 9552946949, and ask for Jyoti.  He will be happy to clarify by a quick chat to answer few short questions.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words

Instagram Marketing Tips

  1. Make sure you have square pictures (preferably). Tip: When you are taking photos with your mobile, first set on square (in iPhone it is before Pano). Or Crop your photo so that you have a square picture available on your mobile phone. If same is on desktop, send picture by email to your phone. Yes, you can post only from your phone. Use high resolution pictures.
  2. You can also post a very short video.
  3. Always add Hashtag in the post.
  4. Create a short bio for the Instagram profile with your mobile number. Add website in the separate window provided.
  5. You may use Boomerang to create a short video. Download Boomerang App.  Take a photo. It will take 10 photos and make a looping video.
  6. You may would like to try Dubsmash App to make a selfie video.

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How about connecting Instagram with Facebook?

Add a TAB on your Facebook Page to show your Instagram Posts to your Facebook fans. Click here to see example.

Instagram Live social media marketing:  Click here to learn how to Use Instagram Live – Social Media Marketing – Ideas

Contact Jyoti Zaveri to learn more about this awesome digital platform +91 9552946949.