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Purpose of this group is to expand social media literacy, share best practices, and encourage ethical online behavior.

Upon joining, you may share once your twitter handle or facebook Page or other social media presence.

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1. We encourage you to post / start a discussion on any topic related to digital marketing or IT (Information Technology).
2. Read and share news about social media.
3. Exchange ideas pertaining to marketing employment opportunities, with friends from all over the world.

4. Post may NOT be allowed if proper name (individual) or proper profile picture is missing.
5. Members are from different time zones (e.g. India, UAE, Europe, USA, etc.), so you may find members posting at any time.


Priti Verma shared Tabo Media's post :
Jyoti Zaveri
Thanks for sharing Priti

Jyoti Zaveri shared a link : Bhai..mere paas newspaper hai, highway pe hoarding hai, website bhi hai, tumhare pass kya hai? Mere paas SOCIAL MEDIA hai Click now to view the video Looking for people who would like to work with me. Contact Jyotindra Zaveri +91 9552946949

Stephanie Falkner shared ONLIM's video : The most important marketing lessons on point 😉

Shahria Absar Ayan shared a link : Want to embed Facebook Group posts on your website/blog?#GroupPlugin

Jayshree Zee
Profile picture on Facebook and LinkedIn is very important! Your LinkedIn / Facebook profile picture should bе of you nоt your company logo.The picture itself should be a professional looking headshot or business portrait - always remember that you are trying to portray a professional image on social media. Do not put picture with friend or child. First impressions are crucial, and in order to succeed on LinkedIn, you need to come across as professional and trustworthy. If you are in marketing, remember you are the brand ambassador of your Compnay. People buу from people.More details on site Do not hesitate to ask for more clarification.

Rohini Wanjpe shared Absolute Media Solutions's post : Some eye-opening and informative numbers for VIDEO Marketing:• 71% of marketing professionals said that video conversion rates are higher than other types of marketing methods.• 56% of all videos in 2017 were less than two minutes• Videos that were 90 seconds or shorter had an average retention rate of 53% compared to videos that were 30 minutes or longer, which averaged a 10% retention rate.• Retention rates for personalized videos are 35% higher than for videos that aren’t personalized.• The most common types of video marketing content include, testimonials, how-to videos, and product demos.• Videos are most commonly posted on social media platforms and company websites• 86% of people watch videos on mobile devices.

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Phoebe French shared Snob Monkey Ltd's post : As they say, it's the good things that come to the people who wait. You can't beat the traditional way of printing!

Stephanie Falkner shared a link : Hi guys, I just published an article on some of the most frequently asked questions about social media marketing 🙌Let me know what you think in the comments.

Jyoti Zaveri shared a link : Have you measured your ReTweets?

Social Media Facebook Group

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Social Media Facebook Group

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