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Do you want to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry?

One good way to do this is to regularly post in the professionally managed group - online forum of like-minded people.

Group is a great place to write about your expertise pertaining to your profession / industry, discuss issues and challenges.

Join the group and become the influencer in the community. JOIN: It is free, and always will be!

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Purpose of the social media mall is to promote your products / services to target markets in India or foreign customers

Jyoti Social remains committed to provide various digital platforms where members from around the world can come together to discuss and share their perspectives and insights, and engage in a professional GROUP (Community) that matters to them.

Regional Focused Facebook groups are - Andhra / Telangana / Gujarat / Maharashtra / Pune / Delhi / East India / North India / South India / Karnataka / Export Import.

We have created various facebook groups.  This is a marketplace for buying and selling.

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Social Media Mall Facebook Groups

Purpose of the topic or subject based social media mall is to promote your products/services to target markets in India or foreign customers

We have created various business category based facebook groups.  This is a marketplace for buying and selling.

List of focused LinkedIn and facebook groups that you can use to promote your brand.

Feel free to join and post. Use these online forums not only to promote your brand but also to start a meaningful discussion.

Click on the link (on left) to JOIN the Group of your choice

LinkedIn Group Social Media Marketing Pro
LinkedIn Group ERP IoT eCommerce Group
LinkedIn Group Export Import Business - International Mall
LinkedIn Group Management and Leadership Development in India
Facebook Group Social Media Marketing Group
Facebook Group Export Import Business
Facebook Group Andhra Pradesh improvements
Facebook Group Delhi improvements
Facebook Group East India improvements
Facebook Group Goa Improvements
Facebook Group Gujarat improvements
Facebook Group Karnataka improvements
Facebook Group Maharashtra improvements
Facebook Group North India improvements
Facebook Group Pimpri-Chinchwad Improvements
Facebook Group Pune Improvements
Facebook Group  Pune West Community
Facebook Group  South India improvements
Facebook Group Architects and Interior Design Ideas
Facebook Group Discuss ERP Automation
Facebook Group Health and Lifestyle
Facebook Group IoT Internet of Things
Facebook Group Land Investment
Facebook Group Property in Pune Group
Facebook Group Science and Philosophy
Facebook Group Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Join Social Media Mall Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups - Click on the link on left (colored) to directly go to the online community and start a discussion.

Social Media Mall Facebook Groups are your community to increase the circle of influence. Learn more

Social Media Mall Facebook Groups

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Social Media Mall consists of Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups!

As per social media best practices, make sure your personal profile is created with your own photo and name.  Each post is checked before posting by Admin.  Do not forget to invite your friends to join the group.

Why join facebook groups or LinkedIn group?

  1. Benefits for Marketers:  Traditional websites needs traffic from targeted geographical places.  Post about your products or services to the right audiences.  If you have website give a link to increase inbound traffic.  You do not have to plan costly Google advt. campaign (Paid AdWords, etc.) for publicity on the internet.  Feel free to post, there is no question of budget because it is free.  Share your Page posts, or blog links in the facebook group.
  2. Benefits for consumers:  You get to know about happenings in your neighbourhood.  Join groups to enjoy offers.  Message seller, Like, comment, share, engage with the post.  Get latest news and views about latest development.  These are vibrant and active groups.  More you participate more you are benefited.  You can adjust notifications in the tab as required:  You need communication for every post, highlights, friend’s post, etc.
  3. In each group on right side you will find the description of the group.  Please read to get maximum advantage of these online communities.

Let us know if you need help to create your own group pertaining to your industry or profession.  We have mastered the art and technology to create and manage social media.

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