How to Facebook Premier Videos – IGTV – LIVE # 59 Sept 12, 2018

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Social media marketing Wednesday LIVE # 59 on September 12, 2018

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Social Media Marketing LIVE Chat # 59

Topics discussed

1. Facebook Rosetta the AI Tool that can read text from your images and videos.
2. Facebook Premier Videos are akin to LIVE.
3. Pinterest has surpassed the 250 million monthly active user mark.
4. IGTV the Instagram Television
5. IoT (Internet of Things) Industry 4.0 online forums (Groups).
6. Instagram pushing parents to let children use it 🙁
7. Emotional Intelligence: Wisdom Vs Intelligence.

In case you missed, my LIVE broadcast from Atlanta, USA, here is the video you may study to learn what is new in the digital marketing space!

I discuss digital marketing lessons based on my own research and hands-on experience (not blind copy-paste) in the Wednesday LIVE session. And who knows, it might just inspire you to start your own LIVE broadcast. Yes, I strongly suggest you plan your own Facebook Live. If you have already tried that, then try Instagram LIVE. It has its own audience and similar features that you will like it.

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Have you heard of Rosetta? It is a robot.
Facebook has developed an Artificial Intelligence tool called Rosetta. This is a technique that scans over a billion images, and video frames, daily, across multiple languages, in real time.

Rosetta makes use of recent advances in OCR, optical character recognition to first scan a picture or image and find if there is any text written in the picture. Then these characters are placed inside a bounding box that is then analyzed by AI and it will try to recognize the characters and determine what is being communicated.

Have you heard of Facebook Premier?

Facebook is testing a new video format called Facebook Premieres that will let video creators, publishers, and shows post pre-recorded video as live footage.

The pre-recorded videos will play similar to a livestream, allowing viewers the chance to interact with the video as it is broadcast on the site. Comments, reactions, and interactions with the pre-recorded Premieres video will happen in real time, as with Facebook’s Live videos. Once used as a Premiere video, the video becomes a normal VOD (video on demand).

It is a kind of pseudo-live video post.

Pinterest is the visual search giant.

Pinterest has surpassed the 250 million monthly active user mark (September 2018).  80 percent of new sign-ups come from outside the U.S.
There are now 175 billion PINS. It now has more than 1,500 employees. Pinterest Company has secured more than $1 billion in venture capital funding. Pinterest expects to reach $1 billion in annual revenue. It is competing with Instagram (now owned by Facebook). It has an option of video advertisements that are competing with Google. Both Instagram and Pinterest are shaping up as picture-based e-commerce platforms to convert users to buyers.

Facebook sees 1.4 billion daily active users (1.2 billion of which are outside the U.S.), and Instagram has crossed one billion monthly active users. Twitter has 335 million monthly active users.

I congratulate Jon Kaplan who is the company’s head of global sales. He wrote that “If Pinterest were a country, we’d be the fifth largest in the world!”

IGTV: Instagram Television

Verticle video – Ten minutes for a standard Instagram account.  See example

IoT is the Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 is the new wave you cannot ignore. The fact is, most IoT initiatives today fail:
• Cisco reports that only 26% of IoT projects survive the pilot stage.
There is a Facebook group focusing on IoT. Join this group to discuss all topics pertaining to the IoT or Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 etc.

The group is for discussion. I have created 11 + 11 Twenty-two groups. I call it social media mall. Join any of these group to promote your products and services.

Instagram is pushing kids and parents to under 13 to have a presence on Instagram!

I think that is not cool. I advise to keep kids off Instagram, and general social media, until they are socially mature enough to use the comments and merciless cyber-bullying.

The culture change for children and parents is challenging.

In a recent guide, for parents, the social media giant officially warns parents that kids might be “socially marginalized” if they do not have an Instagram account. In fact, they are telling parents that is necessary to have kids public profile as it is “part of the fun”.

I think that is very selfish of Facebook / Instagram to push their advertisement revenue.


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