Social Media Training Pune

Coach Jyotindra Zaveri.

Practical Session: SMO, Content marketing, inbound marketing.

Learn How To Optimize Your Social Media Marketing.

In-depth session on how to use social media for business.

Social Media Training Pune - "Time and money worth spending" -Past participant.

Social Media Training Pune. Widespread coverage of details of key social media platforms. Extensive practical.

Want to deliver quality social media content?

Friday, 14 April. 

Social Media Marketing Personal Coaching

Only 10 -1 5 participants.

Time 9:30 to 5:30 pm. 

For participants who wants to ask questions and learn specific topic pertaining to his or her business.  Entrepreneurs who are already using some social media digital platforms, and would like to make it more effective. Learn practical tips and action plan that saves time and increase impact of branding.

Since few people are present, it is possible to give personal attention. Please bring your laptop for hands-on exercises.

Workshop Fees: Including Lunch and course material.

Early Bird: ₹4500/- only. On or before 10 April.

  • * Special consideration for participants who have attended any of our Social Media Marketing Meetup in the past.
  • * Special consideration for BNI Members.

Spot registration ₹9000/-.

Limited seats. 10-15 participants.
Venue: Hotel Shantai (opp YMCA), Pune.

Whatsapp Jyotindra Zaveri +91 9552946949 to get Bank Details for Social Media Training Pune.

Do you know there are many more digital platform besides Facebook or LinkedIn?

List of twenty digital platforms that you would like to learn.

Click here  to see the list with links that demonstrate various social media sites.

Jyotindra Zaveri +91 9552946949.

About faculty Jyotindra Zaveri: Organizer of the Social Media Training Pune.  Seven years of thorough Social Media Marketing experience, with a proven track-record and several testimonials. IT Professional since 1975. Computer Engineer, Germany. Ex-IBM. LinkedIn profile

Prof. Jyoti is also faculty at the PUMBA Course - Digital Marketing evening course for Executive MBA, at the Pune University

Many testimonials and reference, click here to view videos

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